Tile shapes up in more ways than one

Tile shapes upNowadays, it seems as if every new catalogue, email or CD received from a leading manufacturer or industry body focuses to some extent on colour, shape and size. Square and rectangular tiles abound in a multitude of sizes. There is also a noticeable trend towards hexagonal, octagonal, triangular, lantern (provencale) and rhomboid shapes.

World production and consumption of ceramic tiles

MarketsThe ceramic tile industry enjoyed robust, if admittedly lopsided, growth in 2013 as four countries – Turkey and the Asian triumvirate of China, India and Indonesia – sparked an upsurge in production of 6.4 per cent. Consumption rose by almost 6 per cent, with exports/imports accounting for an unprecedented 23.1 per cent of overall sales. Click here to read our annual review.

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