FG Mapeband SAMapeband SA is a self-adhesive butyl rubber tape which is used to waterproof areas where vertical and horizontal surfaces meet on balconies, terraces and in bathrooms and showers. The tape is a complementary product to a variety of Mapei waterproofing systems including Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapegum WS and Aquaflex Roof.  For example Mapeband SA can be used for waterproofing corners and fillets between walls and floors in  wet areas and balconies and terraces. This versatile, alkali resistant product is quick and easy to apply. It adheres easily to any type of substrate.

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Globalisation scenarios in the world ceramic market

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.09.00 PMCeramic tile is a globalised product in terms of areas of production and consumption and sheer scale of international trade. This product, which developed in Italy after 1945 from an artisanal product into a sophisticated and industrially advanced material, is now experiencing one of the most extraordinary processes of transformation in world economic history. An analysis of the product’s past growth trends in terms of quantities may be useful for understanding its future development. Read more…

Iris mix

Europe Imports Iris Mix SapphireThis new offering from Ezarri comprises a combination of the Niebla and Iris ranges, produced in 5 stunning colour mixes: Aquamarine (light blue), Emerald (dark green), Sapphire (dark blue), Tourmaline (light green), and Topaz (medium blue). The delicate pearlescent colours of the Iris range mixed with Niebla will shine in any sophisticated tiling project. The featured image of Iris mix Sapphire illustrates the beauty of the design. Ezarri products are exclusively distributed in Australia by Europe Imports.

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