Two important new installation aids

two aids

  1. Regular long term readers will be familiar with our efforts to promote the benefits of installing tile or stone on building facades. Numerous buildings in every state or territory have been built using sandstone or bluestone. Hundreds of buildings in Sydney have facades which are clad with mechanically fixed or adhered stone or tile.
  2. Buildings are getting taller and tile layers and screeders constantly face problems associated with delivering screed to the floor they are working on. Australian Screed and Sand Pumping hires out a machine and an operator that can literally pump the required mix directly to the spot where tradesmen are working.

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World Production and Consumption Statistics

Word manufacturingThe worldwide ceramic tile industry enjoyed a satisfactory twelve months with upturns recorded in manufacturing, consumption and exports. Tile production amplified by 5.4 per cent to 11.166 billion square metres. Consumption measured 10.912 billion square metres following an increase of 4.6 per cent. Import-export flows were more buoyant, accounting for 21.6 per cent of ceramic tile sales. Read more from David Stock…

ARDEX AR300 Multimortar

ardex-ar300One product that covers all your needs! Introducing ARDEX AR 300 Multimortar. The new all-round mortar from ARDEX is ideal for repairs and renovations in kitchens and bathrooms, with no need to mix a different product for each application. ARDEX AR 300 Multimortar is extremely versatile, which makes mixing several different products or being caught short on a job a thing of the past. Suitable for: Internal and external/walls and floors

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