Will more products equal more sales?

urbanedgeTile manufacturers are doing a marvelous job in terms of producing ceramic tiles, which look increasingly like a wide variety of competitive surface finishes. Tile makers have high hopes of capturing a substantial share of the market for those products, by emphasising the fact that tile which looks like stone, timber or concrete will last longer and cost less to maintain. Read more…

Grey Falda

Grey Falda Trend TileThis high quality, Italian-made floor tile closely resembles Travertine. Falda is available in four colours; white, black, gold and the featured grey. Falda can be used internally and externally in commercial and residential environments. The product’s slip resistance value is R10 (European) or ‘X’ AS pendulum test. The popular 600 x 1200mm format is available ex-stock. Trend Tile can also obtain 200 x 600, 300 x 600 and 600 x 600mm sizes. A lappato finish is available in all sizes.

Trend Tile 
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ArchiTile: Interview Grant Amon, Architect

Grant Amon ArchitectsAlex Njoo in conversation with grant Amon, Architect. The idea that there is a business end in architecture is often lost to most; including some architects themselves. But the reality is that an architectural practice, like any other enterprise, is dependent on the fluctuations of our economic barometer. Yet, architects are rarely seen or heard discussing the prevailing economic climate in the popular media. Read more…