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Ceracasa Cerámica received the 2007 Alfa de Oro, an annual award given by the Valencia Ceramics and Glass Association and Cevisama.

In 2000 the company KERAJET, together with the company Ferro Enamel, presented the first inkjet decorating machine for ceramic decoration, which led to the Alfa de Oro award at the CEVISAMA 2000 trade fair.

Read more in this Qualicer article reprinted in Tile Today by M. Payá Saez, A. García Cobos, A. Piñot Murillo, J.L. Pérez Gurillo and N. Coll Bad.

Additional text was contributed by Anthony Stock.


QuARTz_Aco Polycrete2ACO bathroom drainage solutions inspire creative and versatile bathroom planning and allow for the use or elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor. QuARTz by ACO provides a visually compatible range of bathroom drainage products, creating a completely coordinated design. A choice of floor wastes is available for use in the shower area or bathroom floor. These can be used alongside a linear channel to complete a threefold integrated design.

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Alex Njoo in conversation with architect Allan Powell


Contrary to popular belief, architects do come in different shapes and sizes. There are those whose works are incessantly in the public domain, published in both popular and professional media, and those who are household names among the general architectural aficionados. Finally, there are those who would rather let the product of their talents speak for them. Allan Powell belongs to the latter. Read more….