designEX 2014 with tile and stone


Previous post-show reports indicate that 62.8 per cent of visitors attended designEX to view tiles and stone and 68.8 per cent registered a strong interest in flooring products.

As previously reported, Diversified Exhibitions Australia (DEA) – the leading organiser of conferences and exhibitions – will dedicate over 500 square metres of floor space to tile and stone and related allied products at designEX 2014, which will be held in Sydney from 28 to 30 May. Read more here

Maximalism: more is more

dctA recent feature entitled ‘Ceramic Tiles Set the Pace’ appeared in Issue 30 of Ceraspana, a publication which is edited by ASCER, the Spanish Tile Manufacturers Association. The article claimed that “the use of ceramic tiles in architecture and interior design has no aesthetic limits.”

What is becoming the norm today, as opposed to the minimalism of recent years, is not its antithesis but rather a trend that offers a range of styles in one. The minimalist style is based on simplicity, austerity, straight lines, cold colours and simple lines where less is more.”

If the writer for Ceraspana is correct, things may be about to change. Visitors to the Cersaie (Italy) and Cevisama (Spain) expos in September 2012 and March 2013 will testify that new ranges of floral and geometric designs, which were created to present imposing panels of colour, design or textural effects were prominently displayed.

To read more about the rise of maximalism, click here.  

Waterproofing: drainage of shower floors with large format tiles

showerThe primary issue to do with waterproofing of a shower floor is to ensure that it drains adequately. With small format tiles this objective is relatively easy to accomplish as the shower floor can be shaped to ensure the floor slope increases as it approaches the waste drain.

However, there is a trend to use large format tiles on shower floors, as it reduces the extent of grout joints, which makes the shower easier to maintain. Waterproofing expert Barry Schafer has written another informative article on the drainage of shower floors with large format tiles.