Mutina Ceramiche successful at 2013 Wallpaper Design Awards

The Azulurqej collection created by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina Ceramiche has received the 2013 Wallpaper Design Award: an international acknowledgement of excellence in architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle from the English magazine of the same name.

Wallpaper is an esteemed publication that appoints a panel of experts to discover the finest projects and trends of the previous twelve months. The Azulej collection prevailed in the Best Trend category with considerable importance attributed to its uniqueness and aesthetic splendour. Oviedo-born Urquiola (a previous Wallpaper Award winner) was commended for successfully blending contemporary materials technology and the future of interior design, with old-fashioned Italian majolica and hand-made production practices.

Mutina President, Massimo Orsini, celebrated the Italian company’s second triumph at the awards in only three years. In 2011, the Wallpaper judges were similarly impressed with the Phenomenon collection by Tokujin Yoshioka.

Tile Today goes digital


A number of the architectural and design houses that receive hard copies of Tile Today have requested digital copies of our magazines. In normal circumstances, librarians at large practices circulate magazines to resident architects who nominate which articles should be archived on computer for future reference. Many small to medium size practices simply cut out or copy articles of interest and file them away.

The following comments extracted from our ‘Architects Comment on ATP Publications’ document confirm this well established trend:

Peter Maddison, Maddison Architects Pty Ltd, Victoria
“Genuine specialist industry information such as Tile Today is an essential adjunct to what an architect can glean from trade literature and individual research. Our copy of Tile Today is always left in the office rec room so that staff can browse through the magazine at their leisure.”

Sam Marshall, Marshall Pty Ltd, New South Wales
“The thing I appreciate about Tile Today is their technical articles. They are informative, straight to the point, and as they are written by experts you know their content is reliable. I usually cut them out and file them for future reference.”

Chris Thompson, Thompson Ong & Associates, Western Australia
“We keep copies of interesting articles on file for future reference. The technical content in Tile Today is very informative. It is the source of most information regarding tiling systems.”

Natalie Hunt of Mirvac Design recently submitted a request for digital copies of our publications. We advised Natalie that in the near future FREE downloads of every issue of Tile Today and Discovering Stone will be available at under the Publications button. All advertising materials will be included. Over 6000 architects have been notified about this service via a direct email.

Australian Tile Council and ASAA join forces to simplify slip resistance

Looking-for-something-dif-2On 13 February, representatives of the Australian Tile Council and the Australian Stone Advisory Association met at the premises of Ocean+ Merchant in Sydney to hold preliminary discussions about the introduction of a guide to slip resistance in residential environments.

It was determined that the guide will be made freely available to members of both associations. Members will be provided with copies that can be given to their customers. Consumers, builders and other end-users will be encouraged to purchase product from ATC and ASAA members.

In addition, the guide will be emailed by Australian Tile Publications and both associations to more than 6000 architects, designers, builders and developers, with links to both associations’ websites and member lists.

The current working title of the document is ‘Slip Resistance: A Guide to Internal and External Hard Surface Finishes in Private Residences.’


The guide will be designed to present useful and concise information about choosing an appropriate ceramic or natural stone product for use in private residences including;

  • All internal living spaces and wet areas.
  • External paths, steps, pool surrounds, decks, patios and entertainment areas.
  • Apartment interiors and balconies.

Popular ceramic and natural stone products will be addressed separately. The guide will provide useful information about the type of products that are suitable for each of the above locations.

Readers will be alerted to the fact that test methods exist, and guidance will be given in regards to the type of products that are typically used in specific environments.

Tile merchants and their customers should use the guide as a basis for their discussions regarding selection of a suitably slip-resistive hard surface finish in a specific internal or external location.

The slip-resistance chapter written by Carl Strautins for inclusion in the ASAA Natural Stone Design Manual and a variety of other documents will be referenced to produce a guide which will assist both the seller and the purchaser.

The guide will contain a cautionary note concerning the dangers associated with over specifying a product, which may result in a surface becoming difficult to clean and maintain. Guidance will be given to basic cleaning and maintenance practices.

The electronic version of the guide will feature images of typical slip-resistive surfaces that are chosen for use in the residential environments covered in the guide.

Gary Jones is scheduled to produce a draft document by mid-March. Following peer review by the ATC and ASAA, it is anticipated that the guide will be ready for circulation by late September 2013.

The following individuals were in attendance:

Peter Carter, Crosby Tiles, WA

Gary Jones, Beaumont Tiles, ACT

Barry Bulmer, Mosaic Design Company

Richard Murphy, GNS Ceramics

Noel Glennon, FS Glennon Pty Ltd

Carl Strautins, Safe Environments (ASAA)

Anthony Stock, ATP Pty Ltd (ASAA)